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sell-used-ipad-imgAbout us: We are the nation’s leading buyer of used iPads, MacBooks, laptops and iPhones. We make it super-easy for you to get nearly instant cash for your used iPad. Fill out an Instant Quote Form and find out what your old iPad is worth, mail back your iPad in the postage-paid packaging we send you and within days, you’ll have your money.

Get Cash: Have you ever wondered how to sell your old iPad? When you’re ready to upgrade, what will you do with your old iPad? Try to donate it to charity? Put it on eBay? But these are time-consuming or risky. Now you don’t have to wait to see how much your iPad is worth. You can find out instantly and easily, simply by completing our free Instant Quote Form. Then, just sit back and collect your money! We’ll even mail you a free pre-paid return package to use to ship it to us.


1. Get instant quote:
Get an instant price quote from our website by simply entering model of your iPad. If you like what you see complete the process by providing your name and contact information (see our privacy policy link for more details). Within the next few hours we will promptly mail you a protective box with a pre-paid return-shipping label for your iPad.
2. Ship Your iPads:
Follow the instructions provided on the box to pack your iPads. Simply drop-off your box at any UPS outlet or schedule a pick-up straight from your home. Throughout the whole process you don’t have to spend a dime; we pay for shipping both ways (we don’t pay for pick up). From this point on we will take care of everything else.
3. Collect the money:
After receiving your iPad we will match its condition to the description you provided earlier. If you prefer PayPal transfer as a payment method your cash will be at your disposal immediately. If you choose to receive a company check it will be mailed to you the same day. We provide easiest and safest way to sell your iPad.

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